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You'll see a lot when you visit and read our weekly newsletter.  

What you won't see is a charge for nonprofit organizations and groups to promote their special events.  We have both worked as nonprofit professionals and we both understand how stretched budgets are these days. 

All we ask is that you help us spread the word about YourYC!

​If you would like to mention us in your program or flyer, we would appreciate it ... but, please know ... it isn't required for us to promote your event!


YOURYC Sponsorships

We are pleased to provide in-kind promotion sponsorships for York County community groups and nonprofit organizations.  As funds are available, we may also be able to provide premium items for your event.  Our in-kind sponsorship includes ongoing promotion of your event with hyperlinks to your website. All we request in return is recognition on your website or promotional pieces as a Media Sponsor or Partner. Contact us to get more information!


How do we keep this free?  

​By sponsoring YourYC ... you are sponsoring Your York County!  To us, BE LOCAL and BUY LOCAL isn't just a slogan ... it's a way of life that we hope to promote in everything we do!  Proceeds from enhanced listings, emcee fees, sponsored ads all contribute to supporting so organizations have a free, online way to promote their events and fundraisers!

$10 per week


Home Page Video Ad 

​Exclusive home page ad space! 

Promote your event on our home page with your video ad!  All we need is an online link to your hosted video & we're in business!

Plus, we'll put your video ad in our weekly newsletter for the term of your campaign!

Request an emcee

Sheila Caldwell is an experienced and engaging emcee.  As a seasoned event planner and promoter, she can help keep your event running smoothly and keep your guests entertained and informed!

Call 803-524-5671

to schedule!

Commercial  Promotion

There is no charge for event promotion for non-profits and community groups.   For other businesses or professional promoters, we will add your event to our online calendar but we will request reciprocal promotion and a donation to include those events on our home page, and email newsletter.

 $15 per week

Sponsor a Page

Target your sponsorship!

Want to reach visitors?  Have services or products for newcomers?  

Then place your ad banner on a specific page to reach a targeted audience.

Exclusive business category guaranteed!

$15 per week

Enhanced Event Promotion*

This sponsorship package includes:

  • your event flyer will be featured on our home page with a hyperlink to your website or Facebook page for the duration of your campaign

  • your event will be listed on the Community Events Calendar for the duration of your campaign

  • your event flyer will be featured in the weekly YourYC Special Events Newsletter with a hyperlink to your website or Facebook page for the duration of your campaign

  • your event will also received a boosted posting on our Facebook page!

Only $10!*


Find out how you can get an
in-kind sponsorship!
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